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stock sti mustang dyno My STI pro tuned with E85 on a mustang dyno put out 310 with 360 I ran the plugs my  Mustang dyno 60 degrees or so in the shop. 3L 2JZ MR2 The Subaru WRX STI’s 2. Hot Off the Rollers, We Have Official 2015 Mustang GT Dyno Results! The Ford Mustang has long been the leader in domestic performance and muscle cars. Below you see the TQ and HP the EFR6758 does over the stock STI turbo. 7223) Well just made the switch. I added a carbon fiber driveshaft and a crank shaft pulley today on my STI and that alone yielded an additional 6whp/13lb-tq on a mustang dyno on top of what I had before. May 15, 2020 - By Nora Roberts ~ Last Version 2014 Mustang Gt Stock Dyno ~ check out this all stock 2014 mustang 50 gt with automatic transmission on the chassis dyno at recent event just another great car we had stop by for a dyno test at brothers performance in 2014 mustang gt baseline dyno nearly stock pulls toxix loading 2013 mustang gt 50 Recently FLI completed a long-term 2006 Subaru STI project car which produces a solid 500+ wheel horsepower on our Mustang 500SE dyno, with E85 fuel. 3-11. 9% of the cars on the road today. It was a freak 60 degrees today, ebcs not tuned for that yet. By r&t staff. Car is a June car and has 25K on it. 283 HP and 303 ft. What we found out will probably surprise you. This is a typical WRX which was purchased second hand from a Subaru dealer and there’s nothing really noteworthy about it’s history. She wanted a good bolt-on, 4V intake and carb AWD is anywhere from 25% and up depending on dyno of course. 7 Cobra rockers on stock-ish engine dyno. I know this isn't a direct comparison to what we will see from the RS since it is supposed to have some different Delicious Tuning - Stage 1 Tune for your Subaru STI adds increased torque across the board and nearly eliminates the awful hesitations felt in the stock tune by many and seen in many baseline dyno charts. (after adding about 25 lbs that get lost in the driveline) Find the best Subaru WRX STI for sale near you. If you want to optimize the calibration for ultimate power and performance, it’s what we do all day, every day. Can respond better when at a computer. Not much else to say since its just another boring stock dyno haha. Oct 09, 2012 · Usually, to get the most power out of your Subaru WRX or Subaru Impreza STi, you need to take your car to a professional tuner with a dyno. Very flat torque curve. stock b20 turbo dyno, Below you will find an assortment of sample dyno charts for various Harley combinations, this is a work in progress. Feb 22, 2010 · Event: dyno pull Location: Fine Line Imports Santa Rosa California Dyno Room Temp: 65 Elevation: 164 feet Weather: overcast Tires: 225/45/17 Bridgestone Car: 2006 Subaru STI Tuner: Miles Hechtman from Fine Line Imports Dyno Info: Mustang MD500 AWD Peak HP: 503whp Peak Torque : 468 Baseline: Stock STI 245whp 240 torque Target Boost: 30 psi… Feb 24, 2014 · We put the 2015 Subaru WRX and STI head to head on a dyno. 5-liter engine carries over from the last STI but for a reprogrammed engine control unit that Subaru says quickens accelerator response. 5i mani Ebay denso 950's Aeromotive fpr @ 4bar Iag rails S252sxe running between 26 and 29psi. Non-synthetic oil, stock air filter, and plugs. We then strapped the vehicle down and set up our top-mount intercooler (TMIC) fan. No longer relying on the stock injectors struggling to deliver fuel, the STI functioned more easily, with injector duty cycle down from 94-percent to a more comfortable 35 2016 STI 7,500 miles on the car. Snorkel is on too. Dude I was going to go with a the STI turbo, but I believe I am making similar power to you with my stock turbo and the Turbo XS intercooler. Good AND bad. Mishimoto 2010 STI on dyno. M3Alpine's As stock was 355 whp. If you look at the stock torque curve (the very first dyno chart in this thread), it peaks at around 200 ft-lbs near 2,800 RPM, just like the spec says. 2015 STi: Still Stock 04 STi, 04 WRX: SOLD S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning by Watson Racing. Dyno Info: Mustang. Aug 03, 2012 · Mustang dyno results, stock 120,xxx mile motor 11psi Discussion in 'Dyno Results and Track Times Forum' started by hasa68mustang, Feb 25, 2012. AEM 325 fuel pump. Save Share Oct 05, 2011 · Car: 2011 STi Tuner: Christian of Cobb Tuning Dyno Info: Mustang Transmission: 6spd, Gear: 4th Peak HP at RPM: 313WHP @ 5600RPM. From the description in the video: Car made 725rwhp and 693ft/lbs. 2007 STI. Didn't get any uncorrected #'s The dyno chart, which graphs power and torque against engine speed, shows a big spike in torque for the Mustang around 3,300 rpm. Not everyone wants to mod. No knock. You cannot go to a Dynojet when your car is stock. “Do factory freaks exist? never got a bone stock dyno run 2015 SS 6-speed Manual Phantom Black Metallic,SR,SPARE #42 of 114 / #1387 overall / born: 1-28-2015 Rubber Band Delete, Rotofab CAI, Elite Catch Can & Air/Oil Separator, SW Headers, 3" to Magnaflows, High Temp 0 ohm Plug Wires, Ported Heads, Cam, Agile Tune Sti rods Arp2000 studs King bearings 05 shimless ej205 heads 07 Sti cams Stock header 2" catless uppipe 3" catless tbe Perrin fmic Reversed 2. Anybody ever Dyno a stock 289 Hipo(K-Code)with stock cam, heads, intake/exhaust manifolds, distributor, Autolite Carb. With just the basic modifications listed above, we are making huge power gains (especially in torque) compared to the vehicle when it was stock. Mustang dyno numbers (same dyno before and after): Stock HP (see first picture for graph): 176 awhp/172 awtq Modded HP (see second picture for graph): 267 awhp/302 awtq Typical stock STI on this dyno: 235awhp/235 awtq $/awhp: $29. All of our dynos are done 100% by third parties to assure no bias, and most are submitted by customers who we have only tuned remotely! Highest confirmed HP MX-5, tuned using Moto-East hardware/base tune fine tuned by the customer on the dyno: Nov 21, 2008 · first of all a wrx has a lot more than 200 hp and the difference in motor types doesnt matter. 414RW Black key, 418RW Red key. Getting base line numbers! Mustang dyno - 268awhp/261awtq. 2016 STI in for a Protune on the dyno. Mitsubishi EVO, Subaru STI/WRX Stock ECU reflashing. E76 Stock 5mt Southbend stage2 drag clutch Project Budget 400WHP S197 Mustang Track Car: Part 2 – Finding out what it takes to make 400WHP. ) I have seen stock Dyno's with exceptionally high numbers at stock, but my understanding was the 2010 Sti SE was around 240(whp) stock. At the peak horsepower point of 5000 rpm’s, the intake kit made almost 20 wheel horsepower. Can be done on 91-93 octane. 3L 2JZ MR2 Here's another 500+ WHP (Mustang Dyno) stock block build. As Paul is pointing out on the box, AEM’s DryFlow filter captures 99% of harmful contaminants with an oil-free filtration material Car: 2005 STi. Engine/electronics/cooling. With DR's and under the best conditions on great tracks, they have run 10. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. 9 hp, putting the 2018 cam upgrade on par with first- and Jul 30, 2010 · I'd be looking at GT30R's for that kind of power range. Don's car is tuned on flex fuel, so no matter which fuel he puts in, the tune will automatically adjust for the mixture of 93 and E85. 6 Peak HP: 350whp Peak Torque: 341whp Mods:Catless TBE, Invidia EL Header, P&L ewg, Avo Tmic, HTA68, GS ebcs, Aem Map Sensor, Walbro 400lph, Cobb SD Dyno Database . FYI, stock engined Hellcat's on a Mustang or Dyno Dynamics dyno will run about 570 rwhp on average give or take conditions and programing and individual power of the cars. The kit gained approximately 10 horsepower and ft/lbs of torque. Best way is to dyno the car stock on the dyno, with SAE correction on. Jan 24, 2020 · The video below takes a bone stock 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt and straps it to the dyno to see what its 5. All dyno's differ between each other. 0-litre Coyote. By the numbers. 0L Pushrod V8 5 Photos A stock s197 gt will take out a stock evo IX or an 06 sti from a rolling start without much of a problem. Ive seen them dyno stock as low as 225. Corrected Peak Torque at RPM: 329WTQ @ 4600RPM Corrected Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: Stg2 2011 STi 262HP and 286TQ. WTF flex fuel system, WTF Walbro 525 kit with inline filter, ID1300x^2 injectors, STM intake, GTX3576R Gen 2, open dump downpipe, MAP tubular manifold, upgraded FMIC, GSC S2 and beehive valve springs. But when you line them up from a start you lose all your advantage. So far, it’s largely stock. The gain is what you should be asking for. The tuner would tune your car to make the most power and torque while still making sure your engine has plenty of fuel and just the right about of timing to keep everything safe under the hood. Our dedicated Mustang Dyno NH facility features the same load bearing machine that leading industry giant’s and experts like Cobb tuning, AEM, and the Tuning School rely on. We have 529 Subaru WRX STI vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 394 1-Owner cars, and 635 personal use cars. It’s still a port-injected four Sep 06, 2015 · Butt dyno - The car should be able to firmly push your ass into the seat, and keep it there. Not often can cheap, fast and reliable be applied to a turbocharger but this one definitely fits the bill. Enjoy Don! Here's my own real world experience with my car: 168rwhp/218rwtq: Completely bone stock automatic. Stand alone systems. Hours (Eastern time) Jun 18, 2014 · Good article. Everything engine, brake, and suspension related has been replaced with WRX, STI, or better. Peak Torque at RPM: 410lb-ft @ 5000. Protuned using stock plugs, FXT put down 270 whp and 330 ft lbs. Running an off-road h pipe, intake, and AED E85 base tune. Nothing has  25 Mar 2016 Stock 2015 STI on the dyno. Any specific questions? Once Knose made adjustments in the COBB Tuning software for injector latency and rescaled for the higher flowing injectors, the STI was ready for calibration on the dyno. Need to tune your  23 Nov 2019 If a protune on a stock STI goes over 300hp on a Mustang Dyno, that's a substantial difference. At the end of the day, dyno numbers are just for forum bragging rights. Short BlockIAG Stage 4 TUFF Closed Deck- IAG Spec 99. Click here to open DDBO in a new window Subaru STI; Nissan GT-R; Mitsubishi Evolution; Ford Mustang EcoBoost; Ford Focus ST; Ford Fiesta ST; Ford Sep 20, 2019 · Aside from a cheap cold air kit and a bump to the ignition timing, the car was stock and showing 100,000 miles on the odometer. So I got all sensitive until I found out that the diff between Mustang and Dynojet is 15-17% diff so 510*1. new age tech - Hot Rod Free baseline dyno runs at DB for stock 2015 STi. On the dyno, these upgrades proved a slight increase of just 3. Like, a lot more horsepower. Not laggy at all in my view. There was room for more but we wanted to keep the car safe and reliable. 270 rwhp / 280 lb-ft, so about 12-13% loss through drivetrain based on Ford's 310/320 published info. Stand-Alone EMS Setup: (AEM, Halltec, Hydra, etc. The Mustang GT is the major reason for this. vash_241987: Other Vehicles: 36: 04-21-2010 08:33 AM: any dyno numbers with Cats deleted? jtown82: Nissan 370Z General Discussions: 5: 03-30-2010 10:35 PM: stock 370z dyno numbers: bmarcinczyk14: Nissan 370Z Sep 07, 2015 · Also realize that HP figures vary. Car puts down approximately 790rwhp on a Dynojet. Coming in at only 26lbs, the carbon aramid and all aluminium frame save weight while still supporting a strong seat. Tuning is available for the following vehicles: Cobb Accessport Tuning: Subaru WRX. Aug 14, 2014 · Yup, last dyno was a couple years ago. com Install: service@machv. ): $1200 full tuning setup. hopefully) Dyno Database . 0 Stock Dyno: 2010 - 2014 Specific Tech: 19: Oct 7, 2010: Dyno tune a stock 95 GT: 1994 - 1995 Specific Tech: 2: Aug 7, 2010: B: Dyno Tune Mostly Stock 5. That's the problem with dyno charts; they are all different due to temperature, operator inputs, and dyno type. Ok im just really curious has anybody had there bone stock (when it was stock) 05-09 mustang gt 5 speed on a dyno. Tuned on e85 by CAM tuning via Cobb access port. Subaru Forester XT. 0L “Coyote” V8-powered S197 Mustang to the dyno and test the 2018+ “Gen-3” intake manifold, K&N air intake, and tunes by Palm Beach Dyno to find out the least expensive way to make 400 WHP on Jan 26, 2020 · Predator is the name of the eight-cylinder engine, which is good for 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque at the crankshaft. Posted on October 20, 2020 October 21, 2020; by Billy Johnson; The stock engine bay will not look stock for much longer. 1L is around 360rwhp (did not check on dyno). All she has done is change the oil in this car. Didn't get any uncorrected #'s To see just how much power the Invidia Down Pipe can produce, a quick look at its dyno chart shows it easily added several horse-power units to the stock exhaust system. He raced in the 1960s and 1970s when there were few national events. Matrix engineerings dyno reads a stock WRX at 155-162whp. About the only thing still stock on the car is the stearing column. Keep em coming guys! Mods: COBB SF intake, Tomei header and TBE, Turbosmart Kompact DV, stock TMIC and fuel system, stock VF48 Power output: 275 WHP / 320 lb-ft #subaru #awdarmy #wrxsti #wrx #sti #fa20dit #ej25 #ej257 #cobbtuning #protuner #accessport #dynotuned #dailydriven #hellaflush #stancenation #subarusti #subaruwrx #subarulegacy #turbo #subiegang # EMISSIONS TEST FOR 1994 FORD MUSTANG >This emmissions test was performed in January of 2004 on the same Mustang that was used for the dyno tests. 5 WRX making 192 HP on a Mustang Dyno is pretty  26 Feb 2016 Pretty sure that @gaitedgirl ran her WRB 2015 STi at the RS dyno day and put down about 255whp on the mustang dynamometer. Apr 04, 2004 · Dyno: Mustang @ Gruppe-S tuning 10/28/05 3:47pm(91) 4:36pm(96) Mods: Cobb AP, vf-34, blitz fmic, helix headers, up pipe & down pipe, greddy evo 2 cat back, sti 560 cc injectors, perrin fuel rails, perrin crank pully, Blitz SBC ID3 boost controller, Perrin Intake, Tuned by Gruppe-s (Mike W) Ford says the 2011 Mustang 5. GMG has tested several GT-Rs on this dyno, and here's how the 2012 GT-R compares to an average box-stock 2009 GT-R plucked from their library: The new car diverges from the 2009 model from as low Car News from Edmunds keeps you informed of the latest auto news, first looks, first drives and videos. Dyno #'s don't mean crap to me either as it's a tuning tool, however I can compare these #'s to the GT's I've had on the dyno. Dart 331, Procharger D1 16psi, AFR 185, Edelbrock RPM II, custom cam, TKO, Glenns 1000hp fuel system. 515 WHP and 390 lb-ft on E85. I have these mods: GTC 3 intakes GTC downpipes GTC Titan full exhaust ASNU 1050cc injectors ASNU drop-in pumps Visconti Flex Fuel kit Ecutek e-tune by Ben The car made 530WHP on a mustang dyno running on E80 (per zeitronix), compared to a 430WHP baseline stock run, a Mar 02, 2020 · FOLLOW: mustang, 2015 mustang, s550 mustang, video, dyno With the introduction of the 2015 Mustangs, Ford reintroduced the four-cylinder platform again. 15 Mar 2011 Car: 2006 STi. This project is very special for a number of reasons, one of which is the dual-stage fuel injection system, which is controlled by the Link G4 plug and play stand […] Sep 28, 2009 · Re: 2009 WRX Numbers on a Mustang Dyno Damn good numbers on a Mustang dyno 2009 WRX Sedan | Forman Custom Rotated GTX3076R Kit | Gruppe-S EL Header | TiAL 44mm EWG | Reversed STI Manifold | Invidia CBE | Perrin FMIC | Aquamist HFS-3 | Tarmac2 Coils | Stoptech 328x28mm BBK | Rota Grids 18x8. We tested two the last time I was up there tuning Utecs. 1 Jan 2019 Without seeing what numbers were input for the Mustang Dyno, comparisons between two different cars is almost pointless. Gallery: 1995 Ford Mustang GT 5. A stock 2015 STI puts down 210-215whp. EMISSIONS TEST FOR 1994 FORD MUSTANG >This emmissions test was performed in January of 2004 on the same Mustang that was used for the dyno tests. Target AFR: unknown. Trust me I was there and drove the car on the dyno as well. 0, which has the new high feature 5. Excellent bang for buck. This car came to us from New Mexico completely stock wanting to get some more power and better driveability. This car is the 1978-configured Mustang II driven by legendary Ford racer “Dyno” Don Nicholson. Insane but it's also interesting to see that straight curve throughout the powerband in the stock tune. . Sep 12, 2018 · The stock 2018 Mustang intake manifold finished near the top in stock and ported form with 457. STI's have A LOT of drivetrain loss. Had a stock 2012 on my dyno not too long ago. 20G as recommended by the above poster will get you more 310-330 mattering on the dyno. WRX STi 2005 Stock Longblock Dyno Run - 413awhp Eli’s 05 STi stock long block dyno run, making 413 awhp and 380 wtq at 22psi @10-11 deg ign timing Mods: ATP GT35R Turbo ETS FMIC 3” Downpipe & Exhaus Nov 19, 2018 · And today’s mystery, of course, is Mustang-related. My 2013 STI is just that and tuned by Cobb Performance in Plano, TX. Baseline hp/tq for a Stage 2 on same dyno: ~300 for STi 2. So, to get your S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning at it’s best, call the experts at Watson Racing (855) Wat. Jun 07, 2004 · 96-99 Stock Cobra Dyno: SVT Tech Forum: 3: Jun 13, 2005: 1. It easily made 587awhp and 551 ftlbs at 25psi on the Mustang dyno. Subaru Legacy GT Oct 15, 2014 · First, take a look at the power our STi is putting to the ground! Mishimoto 2010 STI dyno plot. Every emmissions category was exactly where a completely stock 94 Mustang GT should be. The mustang dyno I used 1st, the owner said they did an STi motor dyno then awd dyno and there was over 30% drive train loss. 210-220whp is decent for a pull on a DD. Dyno Tuning: Synaptic 3 Performance’s Dynolab Tuning Center is the Granite States premier dyno tuning facility. Mopar had stage 2 srt-4's and all it was is a reflash, bigger injectors and a little more boost. That was with a mustang dyno rep running it. In this case the dyno is a Dyno Dynamics, or a "heart breaker". STD corrected. That is on cali 91 pump gas. Stage 2 could be intake and exhaust. If so what were the HP & Torque numbers, & at what initial timing setting did HP & torque peak? This is my '98 LGT. SCT software covering GM, Ford and some Chrysler platforms. They are capable of nearly 800 rwhp in stock form. Jan 11, 2017 · Below is a comparison of Don's original power on E85 The dyno chart below shows the current power on pump and e85. Heather's 1966 Mustang is one to envy. GM with HP tuners software. In order to use the full potential of the tune we highly recommend installing a cat back exhaust system (catted or not) and a Stock or Cobb Project Budget 400WHP S197 Mustang Track Car: Part 2 – Finding out what it takes to make 400WHP. I am looking to go stage 2 (COBB AP, COBB DP, Magnaflow CBE) and was looking for 300+(whp) out of it. Getting ready for the track in 2017. Jul 01, 2014 · Time to get this guy onto the dyno and start making a few pulls. 0L as it rolls into the AmericanMuscle headquarters! Have you che Sep 20, 2019 · Aside from a cheap cold air kit and a bump to the ignition timing, the car was stock and showing 100,000 miles on the odometer. Transmission: Stock 6 speed. Jul 27, 2019 · With the stock intake manifold back on, power improvements were also very strong, with 592. Says it all right there "a baseline pull on a 'mustang dyno. Enjoy Don! The Mustang Dyne MD-AWD-1100-SE is designed to FWD/RWD/AWD Drag, Road Race and Street Cars - truly amazing for only one machine. Im really curious what i have at the wheels stock and then i can add my 93 octane tune & axleback on from there. Includes load-cell base drivability tune, power tune, and cold-start tune. 141whp is what it made. Dyno Rental: $200/hr, we operate, you drive, you tune. Peak HP at RPM:  28 Oct 2016 Yes, I have a 02 Wrx that I'm soon getting rid of for a 08 Sti, I was going to buy a 16g xt, Topped injectors at 325 whp on a Mustang Dyno at Innovative in Buffalo , NY. 4 cylinder turbos are getting faster and faster and the new wrx sti or the evo would destroy a mustang gt with a v-8 because a gt has the smallest power out of the v-8 mustang line up. We were all impressed how the torque curved jumped right up to the top and flattened out. 2014 Shelby GT00- Oxford White/Sonic Blue Stripes 1995 Rio Red Cobra #2021 - SOLD 8. 2014 Mustang Gt Stock Dyno Description Of : 2014 Mustang Gt Stock Dyno Apr 08, 2020 - By Barbara Cartland ^ Free eBook 2014 Mustang Gt Stock Dyno ^ 2014 mustang gt baseline dyno nearly stock pulls toxix loading 2013 mustang gt 50 stock dyno duration 107 josh bishop 65983 views 107 baseline numbers for a 2013 mustang gt 50 m6 373s only mod is 9 Dec 2003 On the Dyno dynamics dyno a stock STI does about 215-220whp. Above you see a typical stock STI turbo running almost 100% wastegate Duty Cycle. Peak HP at RPM: 426whp @ 6500. 5XTR vs a stock 2006 Subaru STI on FLI's Mustang Dyno. I'm at the point where I'm due for a spark plugs. 0 stock internals Dyno measured 422 horsepower high boost setting 10/2020. You get the super smooth 20-22psi peak boost dropping to about 15 at redine. Tested on a Mustang all wheel drive dyno, the kit gained approximately 10 horsepower and ft/lbs of torque. That seems very high to other claims in the last years. In order to use the Stage 2 tune we highly recommend installing a turbo back exhaust system (catted or not) and one of the listed intakes in Feb 24, 2014 · Dyno Test. Product Development Test Notes: During initial testing of the Mustang EcoBoost 2. The heat shields are powder coated in a textured black finish and the intake tubes are wrinkle red to match the STI intake manifolds. But at its first dyno test, it puts up more horsepower than Ford advertises for the ’19 GT. Specifically, YouTuber Zander13’s 2019 Mustang GT known as Project Carnage. 7 RRs, MAC 1-5/8" LT headers, O/R H-pipe, straight-thru mufflers, ASP crank pulley, EGR/smog pump delete, 190lph fuel pump, stock 19lb injectors, AFPR set at 45psi (vacuum off), Transgo May 30, 2014 · FBO E85 vs Stock Dyno Results - posted in Power and Drivetrain: Hey guys, Just got back from the dyno with my 2015 FBO E85 car. Typical of many beginners, Heather isn't itching to tear into her motor or install power adders. It is by far the best stock-location Subaru turbo on the market. The Dyno you got tuned on is a Dyno Jet (Says so on the top of the Dyno Graph) and the stock numbers are around that of what subaru claims as their numbers (300WHP 300WTQ). 79 and 462. My question is should I just stick to stock range plugs since that's what was used when tuned or can I use colder plugs without re-tuning. Jan 09, 2019 · Modern Performance Classic Performance Classic Truck LS Power LS BMW service subaru maintenance M3 repair porsche turbo 911 sti Classic Performace corvette mustang dyno nissan supercharger Camaro ford LSPower r32 Evo 240sx ferrari 5. R. No tuning. Pretty sure that @gaitedgirl ran her WRB 2015 STi at the RS dyno day and put down about 255whp on the mustang the Dyno day, totally stock 2015 STI: 256WHP If a car is able to accelerate the dyno?s rollers from 200rpm (roller) to 300rpm (roller)in 1500rpm (engine), then the dyno is going to record more power than a car that did that in 2000rpm (engine). Aug 16, 2018 · There is an advertiser on this site that claims a DYNO run on a bone stock 2014 Mustang GT pulled in a 406 RWH reading at 6600 RPM and was still climbing. Jul 03, 2008 · Apparently, people on internet web forums somehow believe that we "do not know what we are talking about" due to the fact that we state that a stock 2003-2004 Cobra made "only" 316 rear wheel horsepower on a MUSTANG dyno. Mishimoto 2010 STI on dyno Mishimoto 2010 STI on dyno Mishimoto 2010 STI on dyno. Walbro 255 HP is a good drop in. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) estimates he won 90 percent of his match races. 65 Install time 3 hours with two very knowledgeable Subaru guys helping. 0-liter V8 engine. only numbers i got are on a mustang dyno with 12psi, 378/490. Fuel: 93 octane unleaded pump gas + 50% meth / 50% water We provide dyno numbers and graphs to you for reference. A stock s197 gt will take out a stock evo IX or an 06 sti from a rolling start without much of a problem. Engine /Power Modifications: I dyno'd my stock gt on a mustang dyno and only put down like 218-224whp and 261wtq so 266 sounds VERY generous. FYI, the 3-port BCS enables greater boost control precision than the OE 2-port unit, which is notorious for allowing boost fluctuations Delicious Tuning - Stage 2 tune for your Subaru STI adds increased torque across the board and nearly eliminates the awful hesitations felt in the stock tune by many and seen in many baseline dyno charts. Gas was actually e70, as per test kit results. the cp-e™ Quad tip turboback exhaust. Car had already a complete exhaust  After that it was off to the dyno for initial testing. GT Mustang: Second Post in this thread And Mark, I thought Stage 2 for an STi means an even bigger turbo (not 100%, but I remember from somewhere that is what it was. Full boost in 4th gear by 3500 (20psi) with the bigger 8cm. I'd venture to say 16psi would have been pretty damn close to 500rwhp. If a car is not physically in the correct shape to get tuned, then it will NOT go on the dyno whatsoever! At a casual glance there’s little to separate the V8 in the new 2018 Ford Mustang from that in its predecessor. Automotive performance tuning is both an art and a science — a discipline that demands the quality and precision that a Mustang Dynamometer provides. Gain was Agency Power Short Ram Intake 08+ WRX/STI SKU: AP-GH-110WR Tested on a Mustang all wheel drive dyno, the Agency Power intake kit was installed on a 2008 Subaru WRX Sedan. 0 gt's Jan 28, 2007 · 90 gt, stock everything TB to oil pan, PTK turbo kit with a 67gtq, boost was around 15, i was still trying to figure out the ebc, i eventually got 16 out of it and kept it there. View Gallery 5 Photos 1 of 5 The Mustang Dyne MD-AWD-1100-SE is designed to FWD/RWD/AWD Drag, Road Race and Street Cars - truly amazing for only one machine. 0-liter V-8, makes 412 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 390 pound-feet of torque at 4250 rpm. Don's car is one of the strongest stock engine setups we have tuned. First up on the list to make more power is usually an aftermarket intake. Then I installed a RaceChip GTS Black piggy-back which brought it up to 312 rwhp / 328 lb-ft. Dyno Baseline Pulls (Up to 3 Pulls No Changes): $150 Includes HP, TQ, Boost & AFR Printouts. Check out the stock 1/4 mile times and dyno results from the all new 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5. Dyno testing and tuning is available on our state-of the art Mustang Dyno. Tuner: Chris @ AMS Performance Dyno Info: Mustang MD-AWD- 500. GT's with a CAI and Cat-back make similar #'s peak. 5L (see below) Target Boost: 26psi. Stock the car made 606rwhp and 544ft/lbs. i say wrx and this is coming from someone that prefers a v-8 Sti rods Arp2000 studs King bearings 05 shimless ej205 heads 07 Sti cams Stock header 2" catless uppipe 3" catless tbe Perrin fmic Reversed 2. 24 Feb 2014 We put the 2015 Subaru WRX and STI head to head on a dyno. The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is rated at 480 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque from its third-gen Coyote 5. 2 hp and 471. Dynapaks, etcthey will all read different numbers, Mustang Dyno being  Full custom WTF Dyno Pro Tune for your 2004-2018 Subaru Impreza WRX STi on our AWD Mustang Dyno utilizing the COBB Accessport (customer Stock fuel injectors or Injector Dynamics injectors only (please contact us to purchase)  18 Sep 2019 Our Stock Ecoboost Mustang Dyno Results! We've determined the Stock Ecoboost Mustang power levels, and now it's time to modify the 2015  Delicious Tuning - Stage 1 Tune for your Subaru STI adds increased torque hesitations felt in the stock tune by many and seen in many baseline dyno charts. 3 mustang ecoboost platform makes around 260 to 270whp on the dyno depending on auto or manual when all the sensors are happy. 0 - Is it worth it? Fox 5 Just picked the car up about 2 weeks ago. Feb 09, 2011 · Nice numbers but I do have to correct something, Stock STi 230whp/235wtq is the stock numbers from a Mustang Dyno which is a load based dyno. Nov 04, 2020 · Modern Performance Classic Performance Classic Truck LS Power LS BMW service subaru maintenance M3 repair porsche turbo 911 sti Classic Performace corvette mustang dyno nissan supercharger Camaro ford LSPower r32 Evo 240sx ferrari 5. Grimm speed up pipe With South Bend Clutch’s Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kit installed, the STI took to a Gruppe-S Unequal Length Header and TOMEI Powered Turbo Inlet Hose for less restrictive airflow and thus more power. It's the strongest pulling stock Bullitt I've ever driven. Whipple has info from a Dynojet that says it should be around 543rwhp. Dyno-Comp features the state of Arizona’s “original” All-Wheel-Drive dynamometer at our Scottsdale tuning facility. After tuning my Green setup I made 331whp. Our Mustang MD-1100SE dyno?s rollers weigh 2560lbs. Price Cobb (1990 LeMans Winner in a Prototype Jag) at Kely Moss ran the dyno on the Bullitt. On a DynoJet, most people get 240-260whp with their STi's (with 260whp being exceptional. Unofficial C1010FL050 STI Short Throw Shifter The late 1970s was a period of serious transition for Pro Stock racing. Aug 30, 2010 · nismo dyno numbers: Supergoji: Nissan 370Z General Discussions: 36: 05-06-2010 09:17 AM: 2011 Mustang V6 quick review w/ dyno numbers. Our Stock Ecoboost Mustang Dyno Results! We've determined the Stock Ecoboost Mustang power levels, and now it's time to modify the 2015 Ford Mustang! It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon when we brought home our newest addition to the shop here in Cottage Grove, MN. “The 2018 Mustang GT stock intake is very impressive for a factory part on a base model GT/V8 engine,” Justin said. Dyno Results - Not so much the figures, but the shape of the curve and the overall area under the graph. Next, we performed pulls on both the stock intercooler and the Mishimoto prototype. Check out the dyno video below, and contact us if you have any questions about starting your own custom build. We dig the lowered stance and styled steel wheel upgrade too. I wanted to get a baseline done before the mods start coming in. Jan 06, 2015 · Our 2015 STI has been a blast to build and tune, we had a goal in mind for this car on the stock block and we are pleased to say we hit it. Just picked the car up about 2 weeks ago. I believe this car typically puts down around 170 whp on a mustang dyno stock. Jan 05, 2005 · I just wanted to see a stock dyno chart to see how well the V6 motor was engineered to begin with. Made 415hp/400tq on the first dyno run. Apples to apples, this is about 356 / 375 at the crank. Feb 28, 2011 · we barely let the engine cool after the drive down from monterey before rolling into md automotive in westminster, california and strapping the 2012 ford mustang boss 302 to its dynojet chassis dyno. 50 $/awlbft: $20. Grimm speed up pipe I had a chance to tune this turbo on a 2015 STI with a basic Manley piston/rod engine with Brian Crower 272 cams and springs. 13 Aug 2016 1,200 Horsepower 2015 Subaru WRX STI Hits the Dyno, Chaos Ensues the most out of the strengthened Mustang EcoBoost turbo four hear of the car. True Horsepower - Effective HP scale - The Industry wide achievable HP standard Today, about 75% of the entire world's hp values are a mess of dynojet "hp" and dynojet dyno clones' rough approximations of dynojet horsepower , some brake dyno mfgr's "dynojet channel" that's "+/- 10% of a dj number" , some dynos that out exaggerate the dj numbers and imply that they know what the transmission hp Mach V Motorsports 45690 Elmwood Court, Suite 170 Sterling, Virginia, 20166 (571) 434-8333 General: gofast@machv. We know the STI is the best choice for railing down your favorite canyon, but could the more sophisticated turbocharged 2. For only $85, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars by avoiding an issue during the dyno tuning session. 3L turbo engine platform, we encountered symptoms that the factory intercooler was insufficient in supporting the airflow even for the stock turbo (200+ degrees Fahrenheit intake air temperatures and steep drop in mid to top-end power). Very close to the Dyno dynamics on a setting of 120. lbs. Even a single dyno pull on a stone cold stock intercooler results in extremely high charge air temperatures over 150*F. K. I'm not talking about a couple WHP, but more like 20 In fact, once we bolted Andy’s STI up to the OnPoint Dyno pods and took some baseline readings with the OTS Stage 2 tune installed, Sasha suggested we have Touge install a Cobb 3-Port boost control solenoid. Certified, in house COBB Tuning Pro-Tuners, Dave Brown and Colin Fitzgerald, will be sure to put your car through its paces and reach its full and reliable potential. com. Target Boost: 19 PSI tapering to 16-17PSI at redline Target AFR: Fuel: 91octane with 10% Dyno comparison of the Genesis Coupe running the stock exhaust vs. 23 Feb 2010 Similar bone stock STI on a Mustang and DynoDynamics dynos read ~220whp which provides an unrealistic lose of over 20% Most people say  I was curious what M3s dyno on a mustang dynothe dyno database is gone and i My old '06 Stage 2 Sti dyno'd 262whp on one Mustang, and 320whp on the other Mustang with no change in mods . More timing and power to be had. Tuner: Lou Lieberman. These are corrected #'s on a mustang dyno. The stock intercooler on these cars is a massive bottleneck suffering from both insufficient flow across the core and insufficient thermal capacity, and the charge piping can be improved upon as well. Been modified since about 2000 miles on the odometer. You cannot compare (for example) a manufacturer’s Mustang Dyno HP figures to your local DynoJet HP figures. Bone stock numbers would be much appreciated. The high flow cone air filter securely clamps in place to the short ram or cold air extension tube. Even comparing identical dynos to each other is futile as dyno software set-up, altitude, temperature, humidity, and other factors do not ensure an equal result. DW fuel pump hardwire kit. The ECU may be the stock one, but the hyperpower job required a  28 Apr 2016 I came from a 2005 subaru STI. 3L EcoBoost engine, I was interested in how the car would perform. 2007 STi Dyno Graph - pretty close to stock (also notice how much they lose to their AWD system, stock HP is around 300 at flywheel I think). 9 lb-ft of torque, a gain of 39. produces a solid 500 wheel horsepower on our Mustang 500SE dyno with E85 fuel. In order of importance for a Subaru STI: 1. 54whp, but more notable gains on the torque side at 17. 28 May 2012 What matters is, what does it read stock, and what does it read after the Their dyno is a Mustang Dyno, which typically read low compared to  stage 3 sti dyno is able to pass the cost savings on to the end user. Our baseline run yielded 217rwhp and 197ft/lbs of torque. It made more power than all previous STI's. Race (928. I had my tuner put it on a Mustang dyno and ended up with 510rwhp. The 2008 Porsche Cayman S is a Tiptronic that runs on 91octane. Subaru WRX STI. Be carefull on Mustang dyno's. Many can show gains using extrapolated, overly corrected, or theoretical numbers. My car: 2005 mustang Run on the dyno with the Hooker headers, Holley carb, and MSD distributor, the amazing little Boss 302 pumped out 374 hp at 6,700 rpm and 324 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. But in my opinion,  3 May 2014 Hawaii - 2015 STI dyno numbers - Looking at the numbers some have gotten from this new stock I don't recall previous STIs making 262whp on the stock tune. Dyno Sheets. at the rear wheels. etc. 10 Feb 2015 That mustang torque though. According to Naven, “a pre-dyno inspection is always recommended before tuning the car. Cat-back exhaust (Custom Aluminum Race Exhaust) this exhaust will cost you $$$$ 2. Hondata, SC300, Neptune and Chrome ECUs. FP green turbo ported and polished. I have seen them read stock cars from 180 all the way down to the 140's depending on the file. The X500+ Turbocharger is the ultimate stock location solution for EJ-power Subarus. Figure up to 8 hours. This is why you see car tap out at 6600 RPMs. STI Dyno Session Pretty much every tuner in the world thinks the 2015 STI is the same old boring EJ25 engine and that it's going to tune the same and make the same power. 411lb-tq/318whp (mustang dyno)stock turbo 2015 STI Folks, I chose my mods to match my goals: near instant response and tons of torque with simplicity. 3,000 Miles on built900+ WHP on mustang DYNOclean title clean car faxtitle in hand. 0L Pushrod V8 5 Photos Feb 26, 2014 · R&T's dyno runs sussed power numbers at the wheel of 223 hp and 245 lb-ft for the WRX, 247 hp and 243 lb-ft for the STI, then went on to demonstrate in numbers what everyone knew: that the WRX WHP is all up to the what kind of dyno you're on. If you would like multiple maps with different modes of operation, different octane levels or a Flex-Fuel tune we can provide these services at extra cost. Jul 31, 2016 · In this instance we took the very popular 2011 Subaru WRX and went from stock to Stage 2+ and dyno’d it between the major steps to show the gains. The Bride Stradia II also has reclining adjustability and is available in several finishes and colors. That’s why the Cobra has H beam rods, forged pistons, ARP hardware and steel crank. With a capacity of 2000 HP at the wheels, the 1100 is large enough to handle 99. It's clean, it has a stock 289 that runs perfectly, and the four-speed was swapped for a modern T5. ('08-'10) BMW B48 M3 ('07-) Ford 01-04 Mustang 03-04 I didn't post the Dyno sheet in the video. 62 lb-ft. 8:1 comp. We will be adding more & more Harley charts as well as Metric & Euro charts as we go from the 2000+ bikes we have tuned over the past 2 decades. Fox 5. After reading more into the 2. That's when this engine comes alive—much later in the rev range I see these advertisements claiming hp gains on a stock car but any offered dyno charts show the car being software limited due to heatsoak, ie- the 2. Stock hp unknown, typical stage 2 wrx's with vf52 make about 310hp and 330ftlbs on this dyno. Perhaps more impressive is the claimed A stock 6. Just wanted to see what your guys' thoughts were on how much power my car will put down on a mustang dyno  9 Jun 2016 Lets get to the results that was shown in our AWD Mustang dyno from both stock and tuned dyno pulls. suggested upgrading the fuel system if we wanted more power, being as it is on stock Subaru lines, in tank fuel pump, and only 1000cc injectors. 8-10. It can't get  21 Sep 2010 This is one of the cleanest low mileage 07 STI's (3500 miles) we have Blouch 2. Oh, sure, outputs increase from 306kW at 6500rpm and 530Nm at 4250rpm to 339kW at 7000rpm and 556Nm at 4600rpm, suggesting some fiddling has gone on, but on paper it looks as though you’re sampling the same old 5. 2010 stock sti baseline dyno, 2011subaru wrx stock dyno graph, 2014 wrx stock dyno Aug 13, 2016 · 1 575 HP Hennesey 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 Brings the Mother of Loud Dyno Runs 2 The ECU may be the stock The piece of footage below shows the STI proving its output on the dyno - the COBB Tuning is an automotive performance company dedicated to developing full-tuning solutions that improve vehicle performance and the driving experience. Do your mods, come back, dyno again on the same dyno with SAE correction on. 0:1 Fuel: c16 leaded race gas, 116 octane . Ford claims the boss produces 444 hp at 7,500 rpm and 380 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm -- a substantial horsepower gain over the stock 5. Nov 21, 2008 · 2012 GT stock dyno run: 2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-1: May 30, 2011: 2011 GT Stock Dyno Run: 2010 - 2014 Specific Tech: 4: Apr 2, 2011: G: 2011 Mustang 5. For more than 20 years, Dyno-Comp has specialized in 2WD & AWD dyno tuning, along with the sale and installation of race proven bolt-on competition components. Motec, Haltech, AEM, etc. Jan 01, 2004 · In this comparison test we pit the 390HP supercharged 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra against the 300HP turbocharged 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi in a battle of old school muscle vs. 5PSI Tapering Fuel: 94 Octane – Petro Mod List-Invidia Catted Downpipe-Invidia Q300 Cat-Back-AEM Cold Air Intake-Grimmspeed 3-Port EBCS Well just for the sake of conversation I went and compared COBB's 2015 Mustang dyno vs COBB's 2015 STI dyno graphs just to see how they looked overlayed (Stock & Stage 1). The Mustang Dynamometer in action. P. 75 Forged Pistons Set with +2mm Jan 27, 2015 · Baseline HP/TQ for Stock 2015 STi on same dyno: 269WHP/272WTQ Baseline HP/TQ for Stock 2010 STi on same dyno: 228WHP/240WTQ Target Boost: 18. Feb 24, 2014 subaru. This will be worse at the track because public paved roads grip much better than 1/4 mile track. My stock Bullitt 6231 got dyno'd last night. Having baseline dyno tested this bone-stock 2015 WRX on the AWD Mustang dyno he shares with FW Motorsports, FW tech Brandon then attacked the install while FW owner Paul did some DryFlow filter modelling for us. 2004 Subaru WRX wagon (blob eye gg) EJ20 2. An elder statesman of the sport, Nicholson had been racing since the late 1940s and had established his “Dyno Don” credentials in the early 1960s. Dec 03, 2015 · The engineers decided to buy the rods and pistons to speed up the timeline. 229rwhp/277rwtq: C&L 76mm CAI/MAF kit, Summit Racing 75mm TB, Ported stock intake, Ported E7s, Stock cam w/ 1. At 400WHP the car is an absolute beast. He thought his was around 30 - 35% loss on his mustang dyno. Just letting y'all know if y'all want to know results on the switch. . The increased boost pressure should also have an impact on our intake temperature testing. Ej207 Dyno Ej207 Dyno 278 at the flywheel. The official output has yet to be announced, but as the RS is slightly smaller, it will have no problem exceeding the 315-horsepower output that the Mustang is . Make 430rwhp  6 Oct 2012 The best part is if for any reason you want to return back to stock, it's as easy as pushing a few buttons and restoring all factory settings. Click here to open DDBO in a new window Subaru STI; Nissan GT-R; Mitsubishi Evolution; Ford Mustang EcoBoost; Ford Focus ST; Ford Fiesta ST; Ford By the end of the tuning session the final horsepower number read 794whp at only 12psi! K. We use a Dynocom AWD Chassis Dyno that is calibrated to read like a lower reading Mustang Dyno. Id prefer to keep a TMIC and the stock turbo if possible. “We’ve never seen this type of performance before from a stock part. On a low reading mustang dyno, the car is putting down 355whp and 365 ft-lbs. My opinion is a Subaru STI can be upgraded to around 350-360 AWHP reliably and on stock internals. Get Serious about performance tuning – get a Mustang Dyno! Some of the best performance tuners in the world use a Mustang Dynamometer for its unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use. Packing a large V8 Engine tuned for performance race inspired shenanigans, it the pinnacle of American Muscle and leader in Oct 12, 2010 · 2011 Ford Mustang GT: 5. Stock 2015 WRX Baseline Dyno Graph Cobb Accessport V3 - 2015 WRX & STi / 2014-2015 Forester XT. Having an 800hp peak and the rest of the power band be shit is pretty much useless. I just posted the dyno sheet to this message. There is no telling what Cal file is being used. She's got 33k on the clock and bone stock. 0-liter engine of the WRX actually be the quicker, better Oct 13, 2020 · Stock Dyno Pull: 415HP/397TQ at SAE - 93 Octane - 10 Speed Automatic (7th Gear Pull at 1:1) - 19" Rear Wheel w/ 275/40/19 Michelin Pilot Sports - TOTALLY Stock Car *Note* The car's VSS did limit us on our pull. 6L Mustang Tech 2 Dec 12 2004 R AFR 165 Heads stock 94 Dec 31 2012 If we than a Stage2 Intake 2015 STI on the very same dyno very impressive for a 2. 1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors. 15= 586rwhp (estimated). I and after even compairing the Turbo XS intercooler to the stock STI one, I can honestley say that there is a huge huge diffrence and it is worth the extra cash. 0, Roush Axle-back, Airaid CAI, Barton SS/ Braket, etc. Ed Susman on Aug 18, 2015. E76 Stock 5mt Southbend stage2 drag clutch Don Nicholson (May 28, 1927 – January 24, 2006) was an American drag racer from Missouri. 0 Mustang Tech: 7: Aug 21, 2004: I: 94-95 Cobra dyno at what stock? 1994 - 1995 Specific Tech: 3: Jul 21, 2004: Bone Stock 01 Cobra Dyno Results! SVT Tech Forum: 3: Apr 17, 2004: S: Replacing stock tires and wheels on my 04 it all depends on the company that he bought the parts from. Well I hate to say it, but they're all wrong (as was I)! Our initial dynoing of the 2015 STI showed something very interesting. Now we go to Mustang dyno?s and other loaded dyno?s. wasnt much faster by any means but still stage 2. After hitting the dyno, Hennessey reports that the bone-stock There is a YouTube vid of a new stock crosstrek on the dyno. Posted on October 20, 2020 October 21, 2020; by Billy Johnson; We strap our first-generation 5. I dyno'd my stock '16 . 5 Fuel: E85 Target AFR: 11. 77 rear-wheel horsepower respectively. 0-liter V8 engine is making when it comes to power. Both runs were done on a Mustang dyno. Transmission: 6spd stock gearset. Gear: 4th. Even my DYNO Expert I just talk to yesterday says 375 is a typical run. 2019 STi Base Ice Silver Metallic (stock) 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 2015 STi Limited DGM (sold) 2009 Ducati 1198s. Think it was between 430 and 450 whp on a mustang dyno. They always read low. I just posted the gains. The Bride Stradia II is one of the most lightweight, rigid seats on the market. Target Boost: 38 psi Target AFR: 12. Mar 15, 2011 · Car: 2006 STi Tuner: Chris @ AMS Performance Dyno Info: Mustang MD-AWD-500 Transmission: Stock 6 speed Gear: 4th Peak HP at RPM: 618 SAE CF Peak Torque at RPM: 494 SAE CF Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 211 whp. One of the first all new 2018 Mustang GT’s in the market gets chassis dyno tested and produces 419 RWHP! 419 RWHP with a Stock 2018 Mustang GT! Mark Gearhart. The redline for the 2018 Mustang GT is 7500. The second sheet shows the difference between stock and just the stage 1 program. 9's, no airplane drop needed. We have tuned over 120 03-04 Cobras in virtually every form from stock superchargers, turbos, and aftermarket superchargers. COBB approaches design by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. Philadelphia Area Dyno Tuning & Engine Performance Specialists Facility: Proformance Speed Shop/Sti Mikey Type of Dyno: Mustang Baseline # for a stocker at the dyno: Sti does 225-230whp Boost: target 21. As in my case stock sti's on my dyno make 220-230whp. That'll give you the most comparable numbers to see how much power you added. 11 Mar 2008 A stock STI is rated 300hp (293hp with the SAE ratings for 2007). 3 Jul 2015 Mustang dyno results Engine / Drivetrain / Exhaust / Bolt-ons / Tuning. As soon as the car came here, we did a baseline on our Mustang Dyno. Each Invidia Down pipe features a large 4-in stainless-steel bellmount to enhance power by freeing excess gas. mustang dyno or bust . my fully tuned Stage 2. 5 | 255/35/18 Star Specs | Whiteline 24/22 | Carputer Jun 14, 2018 · Bride Stradia II Seat installed on a Subaru STi. These turbos are very small and somewhat safe when maxed out because there is no danger of overboost at higher RPM. stock sti mustang dyno

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